viin ranks among the global pioneers in 3D digital capture. With expertise that spans for over two decades in the field, our experienced teams offer as-built data capturing and laser scanning services worldwide. Our services range from on-site capture to a variety of post processing services including 3D modeling, layout drawings, sections, inspection and deviation analysis, clash control, piping isometric creation, simulations, 3D walkthroughs as well as virtual tours. viin's R&D develops workflows and global software solutions for the management and distribution of information in order to improve effective information access and communication. Our services are enhanced by the use of innovative technology thus we have engaged in strategic cooperations to enable our clients to gain access to such tools. viin has a reseller agreement with Nctech for the new 360 degree rapid imaging Istar camera.


1994 - Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH was founded by Leandros G. Zeppos. The company offers engineering design services for the plant industry concentrating on the extended basic and detail engineering for piping systems as well as structural engineering

2002 - Photogrammetry and laser scanning technology is introduced for as-built capturing

2010 - The laser scanning services department of Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH is separated to form a new company. Unison Laser Scanning runs under the ownership and management of Leandros Zeppos

2014 - viin GmbH is founded and acquires 100% of Unison Laser Scanning

VIIN Story

When Leandros Zeppos and Panos Notas joined forces back in 2010 for a challenging commercial application that required their combined expertise, they little imagined they would soon be collaborating on a much bigger project. At that time, Leandros was managing director of Unison Engineering and Consultants GmbH, and Panos was a core systems architect behind several dominating public administration and banking platforms in Europe. In no time at all, they realized they had a common vision and began an exchange of ideas which inevitably led to the startup of their new brainchild visual intelligence - or viin - in 2014.


Leandros G. Zeppos , CEO

Leandros was born in England in 1967, lived in South America and Europe. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Boston / USA. Leandros has more than 20 years of engineering experience in the plant industry.

In 1994 he founded Unison Engineering and Consultants GmbH, an engineering company based in Berlin. As managing director he oversaw a sizeable number of large-scale engineering design projects for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and power plant industry as well as large structural engineering projects. For the last 13 years he has focused on developing methodologies for the integration of terrestrial laser scanning practices within the plant engineering workflow.

Panos Notas , CIO

Panos lived in Europe and USA. He studied Software Engineering.

Panos is a software architect who has spent most of his life developing advanced algorithms and analyzing computational complexity for governments and large corporations in Europe and the US. He heads the software department of viin, overseeing the development of our platform at each stage.

Flavio Ricci , CTO

Flavio was born in Italy in 1974 where he lived and studied.

Flavio has been building enterprise systems for nearly 20 years. Concentrating on high security , he is a high profile DB2 administrator of performance optimized solutions on IBM system Z mainframes, a J2EE expert as well as a Java and PL/SQL Oracle Certified Professional.